Introduction of the Night Owl

Nattugla was developed together with Health Personnel and IT in Harstad Municipality.
It has been further developed together with Hepro as and is today a good aid for healthcare personnel

Enable 2-step login

Here you can see how to activate 2-step login for the administrator and for the health personnel app.

Take a look at the Nattugla app

Here you can see how you can take a digital inspection with the Nattugla app

Two-way speech

Shows how good the microphone is, so that it is possible to have a conversation between the user and healthcare personnel.


Shows how easy it is to install Nattugla at the user's home.


Shows how an alarm is sent from Night Owl in case of LOUD SOUND, FALL etc

Alarm on Hepro Respons mobile

Shows how an alarm is received by Hepro mobile and how to monitor it from it to the user's Nattugla.


Shows how anonymization can be used and deactivated if necessary.

More videos can be found here

Some how to use Nattugla videos have been made, as well as some demonstrations of functionality.