About us

Easymeeting AS

Founder and developer of Nattugla

Behind Nattugla is the Tromsø company Easymeeting AS, which is a global supplier of digital services within welfare technology and video conferencing services.

Ease of use, security and sustainability are some of our focus areas for all products and services. Our welfare technology solutions have been developed together with our users and healthcare personnel. Our solutions are approved for use in the Norwegian Health Network.

Our goal is to deliver solutions that link people and technology together!

In order to succeed with the introduction of new technology, the individual user must see great benefits immediately. With the market's best customer service, we handle the technical aspects, so you can focus on the good user experience.

Our team of fantastic developers work closely together with support and sales, and not least closely together with our customers. We can therefore quickly make changes based on your wishes as a customer. This helps us to develop products quickly and not least in line with the needs you have as a customer.


Exclusive partner and global distributor of Nattugla

HEPRO AS is a modern and forward-looking expertise company that develops, manufactures and sells aids and welfare technology of high quality and clean design.

An important partner in society

In close collaboration with municipalities, healthcare personnel, users and relatives, we develop products and solutions that create mobility, balance, comfort, hygiene and safety. For our users, the result is mastery. Ethics, design and ease of use are important core values for us. Through high quality, fast response time and short communication path, Hepro will be the natural first choice.

Our head office is located at Rognan in the heart of the Saltenfjorden, surrounded by mountains and powerful nature. In addition, we have offices in Asker, Bodø, Drammen, Elverum and Trondheim. Production of aids takes place at Rognan and Asker.

Today, Hepro has approx. 80 employees and is owned by the Stockholm-based listed AddLife group. Addlife is a leading player in "Life Science" and is active on the European market. AddLife owns and buys market-leading companies in niche segments with offers primarily aimed at the healthcare sector - from research to medical treatment. AddLife has an entrepreneur-driven business model, with approx. 85 independent subsidiaries that offer high quality and cost-effective solutions and products to both the private and public sector. AddLife currently has a presence in over 25 countries, mainly in the Nordics, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe and has over 2,200 employees.

Welfare technology

The number of elderly people will increase sharply in the coming years, without a corresponding increase in access to healthcare personnel. In close collaboration with healthcare personnel, end users and relatives, we create solutions that free up time for better care. Therefore, the goal is for the technology to increase the quality of healthcare services. At the same time as ethics and respect for the user are maintained.
For us, welfare technology is about creating security, mastery and good everyday life.