Functions in digital supervision


Sent to Hepro Respons mobile. Alarm is sent when: Fall, loud noise, getting into bed, leaving bed, leaving chair


Furniture scanning from the Admin side gives freedom to use rooms as you wish. Check furniture scanning when you supervise.


By image is activated in the admin page. Access to be able to switch off anonymisation for healthcare personnel in an inspection

Two-way speech

It is possible to have a good conversation between the user and healthcare personnel via the audio unit.
The audio unit also notifies the room when the camera is paused.

Simple installation

Mounted on the wall with the included wall bracket, connect to the power supply and it is ready for use. Built-in 4G and support for WiFi and wired networks

Disable and enable Nightowl

The night owl can be shut down using a QR code that indicates how long the owl will be inactive. 
In Hepro Repsons, the owl will be deactivated when the carer has marked himself as present.

Night vision

Integrated IR light provides an equally good camera image at night, as in daylight.

Approved by the Norwegian Health Network

The solution complies with the Norm and is approved by Norsk Helsenett.

Support for devices

Supervision can be carried out from the Hepro response app or service mobile, tablet and PC.

2-factor login

We recommend using a 2-factor for a higher degree of security


Nattugla is fully integrated with Hepro Respons and will also be able to be integrated with other health platforms.


The platform logs both performed inspections and events in the system. The log cannot be changed and it is stored for 18 months.