Provides security, good sleep and big savings

Greater security

When the user has digital supervision, healthcare personnel can quickly gain an overview of the situation and only go out when necessary.

Better sleep

With digital supervision and Nattugla, the user does not have to be visited by a carer at night, but is still safe because they are being looked after.

That's how much your municipality can save

With digital supervision with Nattugla, your municipality saves both personnel, money, and the environment.

Nattugla is made at the request of Harstad Municipality

Hans Johan Tofteng tells the story of Night Owl. It was created as a secure camera to do digital surveillance, so that healthcare professionals would not wake the users when they checked in on them at night.

Now it has several smart alarms and simple furniture scanning that helps healthcare professionals in their busy everyday lives.

See how satisfied Lyngen municipality is with Nattugla

Anette Samuelsen, occupational therapist in Lyngen municipality shares her experiences with the introduction of digital supervision with Nattugla. They are a small and elongated municipality, with many of the same challenges that municipalities struggle with.

Nattugla is one of several technologies they use. It has been in use since 2021 and they are very positive about the benefits both for users and healthcare personnel.

Unique safety with Nattugla

With Nattugla, we have taken security and privacy to a new and improved level. Nattugla never records sound and images from the room in which it is installed. Nattugla ONLY sends encrypted sound and image directly to the carer's mobile or computer service, when the carer connects to Nattugla. The only thing that is saved is the supervision log, which shows WHEN an inspection has been carried out. Nattugla is approved by Norsk Helsenett.

Patient care in practice

Everyone in the healthcare system wants patients to have greater security, and Nattugla is doing something about it! When the service recipient has digital supervision, healthcare personnel can quickly get an overview of the situation and travel to the patient if something should happen, for example if someone falls out of bed.

With Nattugla mounted on the wall above the bed, users can sleep safe in the knowledge that they are being looked after.

Alarm for healthcare personnel

Alarms for falls, loud noises, getting into bed and getting out of a chair are sent to healthcare personnel via Hepro Respons.

Built-in 4G, WiFi and PoE

Easy installation and network, regardless of what you have available.

Two-way speech

The sound quality is so good that it is possible to have a good conversation between the user and healthcare personnel.